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Community Living Services

IOA's community living services assist people with a limited income transition out of nursing homes and care facilities, and get back to living independently. Institute on Aging's community living services are here to help people, acting as intermediaries for those with limited finances. We also help people living with disabilities who might be at risk of institutionalization remain on their own.
Community Living Services is a program of Institute on Aging
Service Area:

CA - San Francisco County

CA - San Mateo County

CA - Santa Clara County

Contact Information

Main Address:

3575 Geary Boulevard

San Francisco CA 94118

12 AM
12 AM
12 AM
12 AM
12 AM
12 AM
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12 AM
12 AM
12 AM
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12 AM

On call staff 24/7

Location Information

Disabilities Access:

Please call for accessibility inquiries.

Program Details


In order to qualify, a person must:

Be 18 years or older
Be willing and able to live in the community with support
Have income up to 300% of Federal poverty level for a single adult
Have needs for services that will prevent institutionalization or will enable community living
Be currently institutionalized or deemed to be at imminent risk of being institutionalized
Be unable to manage one's own affairs due to emotional and/or cognitive impairment