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School-Based Counseling

Mental health interns have provided individual and group counseling to many children who are depressed and at risk for self-destructive behavior and/or suicide. Every year, CSS Counselors provide supportive counseling services to hundreds of children and adolescents in Alameda County Public Schools. Common experiences of these students include loss, trauma, violent environments, substance abuse, family conflict, incarceration or death of parents, and minimal community support. Our counselors play an important role in providing assessment, referrals, and ongoing supportive counseling to these youth and their families.

Providing therapeutic services to students at school reduces barriers to mental health treatment that may occur due to social stigma or lack of transportation or childcare. Children whose mental health needs are addressed often improve their attention and ability to learn, and tend to have fewer referrals for disciplinary reasons.
School-Based Counseling is a program of Crisis Support Services of Alameda County
Service Area:

CA - Alameda County

Contact Information

Main Address:

P.O Box 3120

Oakland CA 94609

Services are provided on school sites during school hours. Parents may request services, school administrators refer students, and students can request services.Counseling is provided by mental health interns who are trained in child psychology, grief, and crisis intervention counseling, geriatric mental health, and are supervised by licensed professionals.

Program Details


Alameda County students, grade school age through high school.

Program Fees: