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Supportive Housing Placement/Referral

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Senior Housing Information and Referral BH-8500.8000  

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A Pathways Care Manager serves as a resource, guide, and advocate for patients and their families. Care Management professionals can help by: Evaluating the senior's needs and living situation Providing information about local services and support systems and arranging for them Creating a care plan that fits your family Regularly monitoring and problem solving Serving as a liaison between you and service providers

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Section 8 rental units for 13 seniors. Complete disability accessibility.

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Alameda County
Contra Costa County
San Francisco County
San Mateo County
Santa Clara County

Supportive Housing Placement/Referral BH-8500  

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Citywide Linkage Team provides short-term, assertive, clinical case management, both in clinic and via outreach. Engagement of the client begins before s/he leaves the hospital and clients are followed until they are actually linked to ongoing mental health services. To foster the stabilization process, CLT attempts to link clients to housing services, financial entitlements (GA, SSI), MediCal, etc., though often these referrals can only be initiated during our brief treatment period.

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Full Service Partnership provides comprehensive wrap-around services to residents of San Francisco who need of the highest level of mental health services. The specifics of the program vary on a case by case basis but could include: Referral to housing resources, Intensive case management/Access to more specialized care.Our staff provides FSP services both at the Clinic and in the community, client's residences, and in other treatment facilities

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